Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mr. Bentley

Bentley is our 9 month old boxer. He is quite a handful but he is very fun and has a great personality! There is actually kind of an interesting story behind him...I'd like to think he is a miracle dog haha Here's why...Garrett and I had adopted a pitbull terrier from the Humane Society in June. We named her Kierra and had her for about a month before she died. She had distemper which we didn't know until after a couple weeks of having her. She was very sweet and it was really hard to see her go. We buried her in our yard and occasionally I would go visit her grave :( It was sad but I knew she was in a better place. Well, we had to wait a month before we could get another dog because the disease that Kierra had lingers and your whole house needs to be disinfected first. So we had waited a month and we would check the paper everyday for ads for boxers and there were never any. Well, one night I had a dream that there was an ad for 4 week old boxers for sale. So that morning I woke up and the first thing I said to Garrett was "We need to go buy a paper and check the ads!" I told him about my dream and sure enough when we went to get a paper and there was an ad for 4 week old boxer puppies! We immediately got dressed, took out some cash and headed to pick out a puppy. And that's how we got Bentley! He's been an awesome dog and I wouldn't trade him for another! :)

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