Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Aunt Sheridan

In the beginning of January I became an aunt to the CUTEST little guy ever...Titan Colby. I remember feeling so anxious and excited while waiting at the hospital. We were all there and Lauren had said that I could stay in the room and watch her give birth along with my mom. Well, when the OBGYN came in she told us that only one of us could stay so of course my mom got to stay...I'm still bitter about that to this very day! HaHa Not reallly but I do think it would've been neat to watch. My dad and I waited outside with our ears pressed up close against the door. When we finally heard a cry my dad opened the door to see the baby. He was so small and he had a cone head. But of course when I walked in there and saw Derek holding him I said "Oh my gosh! He's soooo cute!" HaHa I think that is just most people's reaction even though he looked some what like an alien...No offense Lar! :) Having him around is a lot of fun and I love being able to finally call myself an aunt now. I'm so excited and proud of my sister and her husband! Now I have baby fever really bad...Uh oh! HaHa. One of these days I will have one of my own :) I love my little nephew!

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